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Film Crews


Anything Goes has catered meals for over 120 production companies working on commercial, educational and feature films in Inyo and Mono Counties. Our customary way of operating is to transport freshly made hot food in insulated transport boxes and serve from heated chafing dishes.  We also provide a variety of craft service options. Our all wheel drive van can get to the hard to reach places.


Film Job References

Fran Kuhn Productions                                    First in Service Productions

Portfolio One Inc.                                              Roxy

First Shot Production                                        Citroen Productions

Rodale Inc.                                                        Oakley

Spill Films                                                         Lexus Team Halrpin

Ebeling Group                                                   Early Productions

Anonymous Content                                         20th Century Fox; Los Angles

RU Productions                                                RU Productions Los Angeles

House of Usher                                                River Run Films; Hollywood, Maritz

Communications; Detriot                                 Studio City, CA 91604

Michael Daniels Productions; Studio City        Sandbank & Partner;

Pluperfect Productions; Culver City                 Hawthorne, New York

Lippsync; Los Angeles                                     Cucoloris Films; Venice, CA

Downtown Reel; New York, NY                        Amspirit; Sherman Oaks, CA

Momentum Films, Los Angeles, CA                T.H.T. Productions, New York,NY

Carlson & Partners (Alexandra Davis)             B.F.C.S; Hollywood, CA

New York, New York                                         Three Set Inc.; Santa Monica

Lovinger Productions (Bill Engeler)                  Downtown Reel (Barry Fink)

Big Eye Films                                                    L. L. Bean Catalog

Johnson Burnett, Hollywood, CA                      The Pleasant Company       

Film Row                                                           Rant Film


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